1. BOOKS


  • The Princess and the Prick, Harper Collins, October 2020, you can pre-order here
  • Virgin, Mother, Crone, flash fiction by Walburga Appleseed, Laurie Theurer and Joy Manné, äbe press, 2019, available here



What It Is

Micro fiction, first published in JMWW, 2018

“It’s just a blob,” says the counselor on the other end of the line. “Just a blob of cells. It doesn’t even have a heartbeat yet.”

She is trying to be helpful and kind, and I want to believe her, but the thing that invited itself into my womb is not a blob. It’s a universe.


Flash fiction first published in Offshoots, 2017

I stand and look across the channel, and even though I’m bound by wire and fences and shards, my heart sails right through and out across the sea, towards the white white cliffs of Dover, where my sister is waiting for me.

We have both come far, and we are close now, so very close. My heart has been hard like a fist, going boom boom boom against my chest ever since the men have been entering and leaving my tent, every day and every night. I save up the coins. And even though inside the tent my heart is hard, out there, across the sea, when it reaches my sister it becomes soft, almost liquid, and it wraps itself like a cloak around her honey skin and heavy hair, and I wonder what she looks like now, how many years the journey has put on her. Is she still black velvet, or grey, like me, at twenty-three?

And I sense the movement of her body as she walks through the streets of England, waiting for me, waiting to know that I am safe. The ragged edges of my pocket mirror dig into my palms, and I hope for her to see, for anyone to see, as I hold the mirror up against the sun and signal to the world:




Here’s a list of my other published stories, most of which are accessible online. Thank you to all editors of all these great literary journals and blogs, with a special thank you to Café Aphra, who were the very first to publish my work. I might be biased, but I think they are  an especially brilliant place for flash fiction and poetry.

IN OPPOSITION, published by the fabulous Sunlight Press 

two flashes: BAR CODES and YES , published in the Black Market Review, 2017, on page 25 and 55 respectively

EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT MY GREAT-GRANDFATHER, first published by Fiction Attic Press, Feb 2017

COLLECTION, first published by The Airgonaut, Sep 2016

WHAT OWLS EAT, first published on Flash Frontier, Nov 2016

THE HUNGRY GODDESS, first published by The Ham Free Press, 2016 (issue 1, p.12)

MOTH BALLS, first published by Flash Fiction Magazine, 2015

BISCUIT WITH HER TEA, first published on Flash Flood Journal, 2015

PUSH, first published on Café Aphra, 2014

SUMPTUOUS MEADOWS, first published on Café Aphra, 2014


two pieces: CALAIS (flash fiction) and WELL (poem), published in Offshoots 14, Geneva, 2017

ROOM 14 (short-listed for the Raging Aardvark competition in 2016) is a story published and available as part of the 100 Voices 2 anthology, Centum Press, 2017. To support me as a writer, and to get 10% off the purchase, you may use the following discount code: 100V2V54

EARTHQUAKE won the University of Winchester Writers’ Festival prize for Flash Fiction in 2016. It was first published in their yearly Best Of anthology, 2016, and will soon be re-published in the Anthology of Hope, edited by Zelda Chappel.

SORRY (flash non-fiction), first published by Into the Void Magazine, 2016

THE FATHER I NEVER THOUGHT I HAD, a poem, was published in Offshoots 13, Geneva, 2015

Two stories, FOOTBALL (shortlisted for the Worcester Literature and Fringe festival Flash Fiction prize 2014) and A WHIFF OF LILAC (shortlisted for the Fish Flash fiction prize in 2015) are included in the anthology Fifty Flashes of Fiction, Black Pear Press, 2014, which is available here

My two stories BROKEN and OF COURSE are included in the anthology A Stash of Flashes, Black Pear Press, 2015, which is available here


2018: Geneva Literary Prize for Non-Fiction: Winner

2016: Winchester Festival Flash Fiction Competition: Winner

Short- and longlists:

  • Fish Flash Fiction competition:
    • 2014: shortlist
    • 2015:longlist
    • 2018:longlist
  • Raging Aardvark Competition 2016: Shortlist
  • Worcestershire Flash Fiction competition 2014: shortlist