It’s here, it’s here! Virgin, Mother, Crone

IMG_2367 (1)

Our wonderful anthology has arrived!

With Flash Fiction by Joy Manné, Laurie Theurer, and Walburga Appleseed, and a foreword by Mary-Jane Holmes

Here’s a taster to get you flashing.

From Virgin, Mother, Crone:

“The first thing he flashed was his smile. His teeth were white and even. His lips curled upwards. His moustache was golden. And when he turned his head away the shine on his long curved nose flashed in the sunlight.
On the second day he flashed his smile again and his nose and he shook his jacket sleeve upwards and flashed his gold Rolex wristwatch. ‘Look at the time,’ he said. ‘It’s exactly tea time, and you are English. Let me invite you to tea at the coffee shop here. They do excellent scones with cream and jam.’
On the third day he flashed his smile, and his long curved nose, and his Rolex, and it was lunch-time and the next thing he flashed was an invitation to a restaurant, where we could eat outside and my dog would be happy.”
– extract from “He Flashed At Me” by Joy Manne, VIRGIN, MOTHER, CRONE

Published by Anita Lehmann


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