It’s here, it’s here! Virgin, Mother, Crone

Our wonderful anthology has arrived! With Flash Fiction by Joy MannĂ©, Laurie Theurer, and Walburga Appleseed, and a foreword by Mary-Jane Holmes Here’s a taster to get you flashing. From Virgin, Mother, Crone: “The first thing he flashed was his smile. His teeth were white and even. His lips curled upwards. His moustache was golden.Continue reading “It’s here, it’s here! Virgin, Mother, Crone”

Vestal Review’s Pick of the year

Since 2017, I’m an associate editor for Vestal Review Flash fiction magazine. Recently, all of us editors picked a story for each year of Vestal’s existence, and explained what makes that story so powerful, and why we’re so touched by it. Below are my contributions, about fabulous flashes by Robert Olen Butler and Joseph Faria.Continue reading “Vestal Review’s Pick of the year”